Startups are my deal.

I'm a builder, investor and growth hacker.


Web3 Builder


Co-founder of a 10,000 PFP NFT collection for “Dog People”. Utility, Community and making a positive impact for dogs and dog-lovers alike.

Crypto/Web3 Advisor

Various projects

Working with several companies/brands to take the plunge into the Metaverse… while having fun and making money.



I invest in promising early stage startups. Here’s a few of my investments: 

Volanty: Disrupting the used car market in Brazil

Pulsely: Diversity and Inclusion diagnostics, insights and assessments

Agroop: Technological solution for crop monitoring

Plum: Fintech that develops Ai assistant that helps people grow their money

Edge 10: World’s leading human performance and analytics solution

Growth Hacker


I’m Head of Marketing and Growth for an Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning #MarTech startup. We have  smart segmentation and pricing tools.

About me

Since a very early age… startups have always interested me.

There’s just something about having an idea… and seeing it through that I find so hopelessly irresistible.

That’s why I went to Boston University’s School of Management and was awarded a B.S.B.A. in Entrepreneurship.

That’s ALSO why…. even at full time”corporate” jobs in a design agency, a media portal  and a logistics company, startups were always there.

I’ve successfully founded and invested in startups in the past.. but 4 years ago – when I came to Portugal, I pivoted and decided to take startups from a side hustle.. to my MAIN THING.

And now i can excitedly shout:

Startups are my thing.
Startups are my obsession.

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