Startups are my deal.

I'm a growth hacker, investor and community builder.


Community Builder


Community of Brazilians in Portugal (and beyond) where people who are involved with startups can connect with other like minded, creative and hardworking people who can help each other and grow their startups together.

Growth Hacker


I’m Head of Marketing and Growth for an Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning #MarTech startup. We have  smart segmentation and pricing tools.



I invest in promising early stage startups. Here’s a few of my investments: 

Volanty: Disrupting the used car market in Brazil

Pulsely: Diversity and Inclusion diagnostics, insights and assessments

Agroop: Technological solution for crop monitoring

Plum: Fintech that develops Ai assistant that helps people grow their money

Edge 10: World’s leading human performance and analytics solution

About me

Since a very early age… startups have always interested me.

There’s just something about having an idea… and seeing it through that I find so hopelessly irresistible.

That’s why I went to Boston University’s School of Management and was awarded a B.S.B.A. in Entrepreneurship.

That’s ALSO why…. even at full time”corporate” jobs in a design agency, a media portal  and a logistics company, startups were always there.

I’ve successfully founded and invested in startups in the past.. but 4 years ago – when I came to Portugal, I pivoted and decided to take startups from a side hustle.. to my MAIN THING.

And now i can excitedly shout:

Startups are my thing.
Startups are my obsession.

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