I ain’t afraid of NO GHOSTS! ? 5 Tips for Dealing with these Modern Day Digital Demons

By September 28, 2020No Comments

You know what “ghosting” is, right!?

It’s when somebody just stops responding.

Things are going great. You are getting to know each other.

Then something happens.

They stop replying to your whatsapp msgs or responding to your linkedin mail.

You try to call – straight to voicemail.

They just…. ignore you. It’s like you don’t even exist anymore.

Just like real ghosts, these can be REAL spooky.

Just because they can take a hit at your self esteem and confidence.

Nobody likes to face rejection, am I right!?

That’s why ghosts are gruelling tests of resolve and commitment.

And look… they happen to haunt entrepreneurs – like ALL. THE. TIME.

It’s happened to you, right!?

We need to consistently be reaching out to people and pitching sh!t.

Whether it be potential clients, advisors or investors – there’s always an ask somewhere.

And the reality is: people are busy. damn busy.

And if your pitch doesn’t hit the bullseye – (and continue to generate interest) you are likely to be pushed down the priority list… and eventually be ignored to oblivion.

It happens to the best of us.

And when it does, here are my top tips to deal with these nay-saying nuisances:

1- Don’t take it personally. ?‍♂️

Ghosts are a part of life. This just means that the person you reached out to is just not that into YOUR PITCH. It’s not a reflection of you, or YOUR self worth. You’re still super awesome – you better believe it!

2- Give it some time. 

Sometimes people just need a little extra time to respond. I usually give them a full week before nudging.

3- Don’t give up TOO easily. ?

Persistence pays off. Not quitting can make the person feel that this really matters to you – and that you believe in it. Make him/her a believer as well.

4- Give more value. ?

When you follow up offer some new piece of information or development. You never know what may trigger them into coming back from the dead.

5- Learn… and move the fu!k on! ?‍♂️

Ok, so you’ve tried it all. And still no sign of life.

Perhaps its time to assess what went wrong, perfect your pitch and move on to your next target, more resilient and with more experience.

That’s it, those were my top 5 tips for dealing with ghosts – as an entrepreneur.

So, the next time you get ghosted. Don’t sweat it.

You know what to do.

Just scream at the top of your lungs: